FOREST FIRE No Ghosts Allowed

Cynthia O

Posted on October 17 2018

FOREST FIRE No Ghosts Allowed
Oct 14, 2018 + FOREST FIRE No Ghosts Allowed
Photographer: Lina Zhu @yesthisisthename
Models: Riley Shea @cli.shea
Emma Boateng @tttktv
Tre Garvey @t.r.i.p.p.y._
Styled by: Cynthia Or @1000catfurs and Tiffany Or @tingyuck
Everything from @creeeeeeps
Tre in: playboy beret, STREETCHIEF copper pendant (Africa), soft security vest |
Emma in: sway butterfly earrings, mamacita top, 2 much camo pants (unisex)|
Riley in: squared sunnies, star hoops, alien ball chain necklace, Creeps bracket halter |
This shoot was really fun cause anything with fire is pretty fun. We met Riley through Emma. Emma used to work at Kings and Queens in Kensington and come in all the time during her lunch break <333. I asked Tre if he was comfortable with fire and he was v sussed at first hahah like i dunno if he thought we'd have him eat fire or something LOL, but yea, we told him it was just a spray can with a gun lighter and he was immediately down to try :P
Don't do this at home... and if you do advice: use a bbq lighter, watch the direction of the wind, and if the spray can gets too hot abort mission. Wouldn't do it inside. 
Tre in: playboy beretsoft security vest |
Emma in: sway butterfly earrings, mamacita top, 2 much camo pants (unisex) |
Riley in: squared sunnies, Creeps bracket halter, reflective crop jacket, 1000CATFURS classe pantchain, clippers pants |
Emma in: mamacita top, 2 much camo pants (unisex) |
Riley in: squared sunniesstar hoopsalien ball chain necklace, Creeps bracket halterreflective crop jacket, 1000CATFURS classe pantchainclippers pants |
Emma in: 2 much camo pants (unisex) |  Tre in: playboy beret, squared sunniessoft security vest | Riley in: clippers pants, starry starry backpack |
Riley wears: braided stars braid rings, star hoopsalien ball chain necklace, Creeps bracket halterreflective crop jacket |
Emma in: sway butterfly earrings, mamacita top |
Emma in: soul club polo | Tre in: squared sunnies, mopawb hoodie| Riley in: reflective crop jacket, halter strap topEmma in: 1000CATFURS ballroom babe choker & earringssoul club polo, forest fire pants |
Tre in: squared sunniesmopawb hoodie, salute pants |
Riley in: reflective crop jacket, halter strap top, shiny reflects pants |
Tre in: butterfly ballchain, hope in violence necklace pendant |Riley in: braided stars braid rings, rhinestone hoops, the last show earrings, winning love by daylight necklace |
Riley & Tre in: 1000CATFURS classe pantchain |Riley in: reflective crop jacket, halter strap top1000CATFURS classe pantchainshiny reflects pants | Tre in: mopawb hoodie, salute pants | Emma in: soul club polo, forest fire pants 
Emma in: 1000catfurs ballroom babe choker & earrings, peek this top, forest fire pants | 
Tre in: squared sunniesmopawb hoodie, salute pants | 
Riley in: 
rhinestone hoops, the last show earrings, winning love by daylight necklace, reflective crop jacket, halter strap top, 1000CATFURS classe pantchainshiny reflects pants |

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