CREEPS Staff Party @ THE EX

Cynthia O

Posted on September 20 2019

CREEPS Staff Party @ THE EX
Aug 29th, 2019
Billie Tobin-Rajotte @dollvbillz | Kiah Francis @kiahtheprofessional |
Cynthia Or @bossbabysis | Shai Ma-Fanfair @shaibuddah | Sasha Axenova @rebogene
Lexson Millington @lexsonator | Liam Wilkings @liamgotmail | Jazz McClean @jazzmxx
Jazz McClean @jazzmxx
Styled by everyone <3
Everything from @creepsworldwide_


Was such a busy day at the ex many were lost and found and some never found again (till another day). Marianne, Jess @jessicaabayot and Tiffany @tingyuck didn't make it into the photos :(  *note: Tiff wasn't actually lost. She was just too fried LOL
Screaming babies, overpriced cheese goo fries, rigged games and bordering on satanic overstimulation... voila!...

Mitch @dex.irl stole a giant panda ("Po") for Billie which was cute and some stranger gifted Shai a giant giraffe ("Raf") -- Po and Raf have cameos in the last photo. 

Lately, people keep saying "Euphoria" pointing at the clothes in the store which was funny that we happen to have our staff party at the EX (note: make-up, style and aesthetics 👍. Drug addiction & over-romanticized fucked up situations 👎). 

Sasha @rebogene is a DJ from Montreal and she also makes the Ghosting As Performance Art (currently sold out) at the store. She came to play a show and caught the ex with us <3

Lots of attention from strangers being dripped out with a camera guy / Jazz  w a huge camera taking photos.

In that photo ^ Shai was jokingly telling Billie and Kiah to kiss and some guy yelled "ARE YOU GUYS SHOOTING A PORNO!?"🙄... like alright chill buddy


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