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Posted on October 17 2019


September 10th 2019 + Toronto, Financial District

Photographer: Yasin Anastasia Mete @yasintaughtme

Models: Camille Manosca @killacamii | Yussuf Yussuf @ytwo___  |  Ky'ana Sampson @_kyxx | Eduard Elli Tejario @hellissy
Stylists: Tiffany Or @tingyuck | Cynthia Or @bossbabysis
Directed/edited by: Cynthia Or @bossbabysis
Shot by: Eduard Elli Tejario @hellissy |  Cynthia Or @bossbabysis
Clothes from www. @creepsworldwide_

We did a cute little shoot in the financial district photographed by Yasin Mete, an independent photographer of 3 years with vibrant and picturesque landscapes that paint the internal world of his subjects-- their gestures natural and subtly expressive of their personalities. He's also a v funny guy :'D kept making us all laugh. We are super excited to be working with him!


Tiff and I styled the shoot together. We were going for a professional business look in this set with both alt/asia vibes (on Camille with the spike choker and blazer set) and beach office vibes (on Ky'ana with the pastel blazer shorts set). The one suspender socks was a cute detail/variation to the knee high socks + skirt look. We also added the Double Pocket Tactical on Ky'ana to contrast the soft beachy vibes with some military cutthroat. 

Ky'ana was introduced to CREEPS by a photographer that was shooting her one day. They finished shooting and he decided to show her the shop. She was such a cutie with a good vibe, we asked her if she was interested in modelling. We stole his muse hahaha <3 (s/o to him).

We scouted bb Camille / @killacamii on instagram. Check her out, she's got a great feed! She was a natural model with subtly mixed with intention

Eduard / @hellissy has been coming to CREEPS for time and has always been an eye-catching customer with a unique style (great colour ways & fits on his ig!) Also s/o to him for all the film looking shots he did on his phone!

Yussuf / @ytwo_ we scouted the first time he came to the store. Also a great vibe and a natural model since I think this was his first time modelling

We wanted the guys to contrast the clean professional girls with skater grunge types with patched up distressed pants by @dsxiii and a split rhinestone hoodie by @h8music / @gookstarr . There's definitely an overtone of Asian influence through the shoot: be it traditional asian cuts and qipao patterns or more modern Chinese streetwear. 



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