Sis n' Bro: Ride or Die Fantasy Fair

Cynthia O

Posted on August 11 2018

Sis n' Bro: Ride or Die Fantasy Fair
July 17, 2018 + Woodbine Mall & Fantasy Fair

Photographer: Alex Demelo @9teen90
Models:  Kiah Francis @kiahtheprofessional
& Langston Francis @langstonfrancis
Styled by: Cynthia Or and Tiffany Or
Everything from @creeeeeeps

The Story is: Kiah and Langston Francis are siblings going to the Fantasy Fair. Ride or die 4x4 bumper cars, Demonic666Dinosaurs, maze of xmirrors and arcade games are on their bucket list. Kiah works at Creeps and dances.  Langston does music. You can check out his Soundcloud here while you scroll through some pics we snuck of their adventure <3

left: checkered jacket, trash religion necklace, soul club polo; right: formula 2.0 top, itsy bitsy necklace, puma earrings.

left: fast sandals, two point socks, track stars, metallic fanny; right: etched denim, not yeezy's, checkered jacket
Langston was lowkey coppin licks of the ice cream while posing in this one hahahahahaha I caught a vid of him through the mirror LOL :')

left: nuclear silo pants, perspective bodysuit, icy butterfly necklace, demons respect me earrings; right: basic sweats shorts, late bloomers rebuild tee, sword fighter socks
left: pebbles one-shoulder top, wormhole pants, not yeezy's; right: knockout tee, tonal tracks, some sort of ninja socks

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