that's my bestie, flexin

Cynthia O

Posted on January 10 2019

that's my bestie, flexin
January 10th, 2019 + that's my best friend, that's my bestie, flexin
Photographer: Danyal Barden @pr_barden
Models: Deion Squires-Rouse @voyezvouz
143 Forever Juni @foreverjuni
Styled by: Cynthia Or @1000catfurs 
Everything from @creeeeeeps
s/o to @jucci_flames consigns the RowdyRuff Boys tee


Back in September Juni and Deion came by our booth at House of Vans and bought matching best friends necklaces! Literally made my day 💛We asked them if we could take a pic of them together for our story but it was so hard to catch the words + their faces 😂Then a few months later we asked them if they wanted to do an impromptu shoot in some jackets and they showed up with the matching necklaces n everything 💛💛💛Danyal shot it and the second location is thanks to his stickered up whip which in hindsight we shoulda shot a pic in there tbh. Juni was saying we kept "doing him dirty" posting bad angle photos of him (oops! they looked good to me) 😂😂 but hopefully this shoot redeems that 😇

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